Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Norma Shearer in The Women (1939) Take 3

The Women is one of the most fabulous films from 1939 -- that landmark year in the history of film! This is my fourth outfit from this film (one from Joan Crawford and three from Norma Shearer.) You can see all of my posts from this movie here.

In The Women, Norma Shearer's happy marriage disintegrate because of her husband's adultery with Joan Crawford. The outfit above appears when Norma is watching home movie reels of her happy honeymoon with her young daughter. She is melacholy over what she has lost. In the film reel, Norma's character has been fishing on a boat wearing sandals, sailor pants, and a nautical striped crop top. (To me, the crop top is a visual manifestation of her vulnerability at this stage in her life. Her happiness and openness becomes a liability later when things fall apart.)

While she is wearing a crop top, her tummy is still covered. I personally am too modest/self-conscious for a crop top. So, I wondered how I could re-create this great nautical look and still use a crop top?

Here is what I came up with: (Click on the image for a larger and more detailed view.)

Top: Michael Stars Riveria Stripe Cropped Pocket Tee in Black, $29 via Revolve Clothing
Bodysuit: American Apparel, Cotton Spandex Jersey Basic Bodysuit in Red, $26
Pants: Loft, Marisa Sailor Pants, $20.99
Shoes: Aldo, Sarhemilie Flip Flop in Red, on sale for $18.74
Total: $94.73

This look is anchored by the sailor pants. These are pretty popular these days and nice looking ones are easy to find at good prices. I like these khaki ones from Loft for only $20.99. I then utilized a bright red bodysuit from American Apparel to make the crop top modest/flattering enough for most women to wear. Then I selected these somewhat dressy flip-flops to match that color. From there, I searched for a slouchy striped crop top and this one from Michael Stars was perfect -- it looks casual and comfortable for only $29.

The entire thing has great lines, a delightful color scheme and is very wearable. The whole thing came out under $100. Wouldn't this be a perfect look for a barbeque at the beach or a 4th of July picnic?

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