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Lady Cherry Loves and Double Indemnity

Lady Cherry Loves is the cutest little blog about vintage style and vintage living from across the pond. Lady Cherry has wonderful thoughts about the intersection of film, fashion and the royal family. Hollywood Fashion Vault recently had an exchange with her to discuss her favorite (or favourite) style movies for our blogger interview series! If you are enamoured with vintage fashion, you should add her to your reading list immediately! Thanks Lady Cherry for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hollywood Fashion Vault (HFV): What are your favorite style movies?

Lady Cherry: Definitely from the film noir genre. My favourite, which I blogged about recently, has to be Double Indemnity - Barbara Stanwyck takes my breath away in practically every scene. I also love Rita Hayworth in Gilda (no doubt will be subject to a post soon!) Then again, I squealed with delight when Grease was screened on tv a couple of weeks ago - so my fashion tastes stretch from the twenties to the sixties really, although I the forties are my favourite!

Double Indemnity (Universal Legacy Series)HFV: Can you remember any specific pieces or outfits you wore that were inspired by a film?

Lady Cherry: I bought a high waisted skirt after watching Double Indemnity. It falls just below the knee and it is one of my favourite pieces. I wear it with cap sleeved jersey tops that have a little detail (a bow or a ruffle or two), and with shirts. I always feel amazing in it when I wear it, and it is hugely flattering to me pear shaped figure....if you don't have one, you need to get yourself one!

HFV: How do you incorporate retro and vintage elements into your wardrobe?

Lady Cherry: I wear *something* with a vintage or retro element every day. I don't feel right if I don't. I usually go for a key piece that gives it a vintage feel, then compliment it with accessories - t-bar shoes are a staple! I also wear seamed tights or stockings on most days....of course, it depends on the outfit. I nearly always wear dresses and skirts, trousers are reserved for very cold days! I enjoy the celebration of femininity that wearing vintage clothing brings for me. Particularly when inspired by the forties. It was a time when women wanted to still feel feminine, and it was important to them to feel that, but they also demonstrated that they had just as much strength of character as any man, could work like a man, be just as resilient......amazing times. They did much more for woman's status than any bra burning activities, in my opinion.

HFV: Do you have a style icon? Who is it and why did you pick them?

Lady Cherry: I have several style icons. One of them is Princess Margaret (see below for more info); I love the way that her style changed with each decade but she remained at the cutting edge, a trend setter rather than a follower. I also love Grace Kelly in the fifties. I think Grace was the perfect name for her, it just seemed to exude from every pore and really shone through in her personal style. I also love the fact that even though she was a high profile Hollywood princess, then a real life one, she always insisted on doing her own hair and make up when she could; she wouldn't have anyone do for her what she could do herself. I am still searching for the perfect pair of gloves to finished any outfit!

HFV: What’s on the horizon for Lady Cherry Loves? What are you excited about?

Lady Cherry: What's next? I am really looking forward to the numerous vintage inspired events coming up over the summer, and to meeting more like minded bloggers. Later this year l will be moving my blog to a different host, and will be launching a small online vintage boutique - l am always coming across vintage clothing that doesn't suit, or fit me, or isn't quite my style, but is too lovely to leave behind. So l have been hoarding it to sell on. Eventually l hope to make vintage style pieces to sell, too - love to sew, but right now l am making things just for me! So there is lots to be excited about right now - and the sun is shining, too!

HFV: Also, being from Britain, what is your take on the royals and how they impact style? Have you ever copied a look from a member of the royal family?

Lady Cherry: What a question! I think that Britons have a love-hate relationship with the Royals. There certainly have been some style icons...going back to Queen Victoria, surprisingly. Queen Vic is the reason why white wedding dresses are 'traditional' - until she wore a white once in a lifetime dress in 1840 to marry Prince Albert, brides usually just wore their Sunday best. (In Britain, one would save their best outfit to wear to church on a Sunday, hence the term 'Sunday best'). Princess Margaret was a big style influence between the fifties and seventies. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress was more like Princess Margarets' when she married in 1960, than Princess Grace's. For some people Diana was a style icon, but not for me - she was more like a clothes horse for me (sorry!) Now it looks as though the latest addition to the Royal family is the newest style icon - the dress that she wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement, and for the official engagement shoot, both sold out in days. I cannot say that I have ever copied a look from a Royal, but I will admit that I bough a dress in a similar blue to the one that the Duchess of Cambridge had on when they announced their engagement! to be honest, I am not one for copying outfits. Inspired by, yes; copy...I will leave that to others!

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