Friday, May 13, 2011

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (1995)

Yesterday Alicia Silverstone had a baby boy yesterday and named him Bear Blu. She is a bit of symbol for my generation - kind of like a Molly Ringwald for the 1990s. I was obsessed with her in The Crush and the obsession grew with Clueless -- a film that I consider to be The Breakfast Club for the 1990s.

Everyone I went to high school with was in love with this movie. We would have slumber parties just to watch it together. This is also one of the first places that we see Brittany Murphy (as the geek madeover by Alicia's Cher character) and Donald Faison, who is most famous for playing Chris Turk on the TV show, Scrubs, which I am likewise obsessed with. This is a great example of a "modern" classic film. Even though this was made in 1995, the film has had a tremendous impact on culture and is still funny/relevant/watchable today.

This film started so many trends, but when you watch it, the fashion is really over-the-top and mostly un-imitable. but this movie brought back knee high schoolgirl socks LONG before Britney Spears hit the scene. And that is the look that I chose to re-create today.

Here is my interpretation: (Click on the image for a larger and more detailed view.)

Shirt: Land’s End Canvas, The Heritage Oxford Shirt in Bayshore Blue, $34.50
Vest: New York and Company, Argyle V-Neck Vest, on sale for $17.99
Skirt: Land’s End Canvas, Women’s Cord Mini Skirt in Maplewood, on sale for $19.99
Socks: Macy’s, Hue Soft Opaque Knee High Trouser Socks in Espresso, $6
Shoes: Sofft Florence Chocolate Suede Mary Janes, on sale for $76.97 via Zappos
Total: $155.45

This outfit seems pretty complicated with lots of pieces to coordinate but it came in really inexpensive because I was "virtual shopping" off-season. Almost everything was on sale. Great basics from Land's End Canvas and then picking up on the Argyle pattern in the sweater, also on sale. Then some brown Mary Janes that are from a really comfortable brand with some basic brown knee socks. Only a little over $150 total. If you were purchasing in-season you would have a lot more choices for the sweater and pattern but you would probably pay full price.

I think this look is academic and very classic. I don't think this will ever look dated. The short length of the skirt keeps it very Clueless and prevents the frump factor from creepy in. What do you think? Any other wearable looks from Clueless you can think of?

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  1. Your concept of creating modern ensembles based on Hollywood fashion is clever.

    I am always in search of good fashion on film - and particularly enjoy costume dramas and classic Hollywood cinema, so finding your blog is exciting as you will certainly have suggestions I can explore.



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