Monday, April 11, 2011

Netflix - Classic Movies Coming Soon to Streaming

Before we get to the new movies coming soon to streaming here are some that are expiring from watch instantly on Netflix soon so you can be sure to catch them before they cycle off: (Data from FeedFliks.)

- Mad Max, 1985 expiring 4/22
- Witches of Eastwick, 1987, expiring 4/16
- Unbearable Lightness of Being, 1988, expiring 4/25
- Steel Magnolias, 1989, expiring 4/22
- A River Runs Through It, 1992, expiring 4/21
- Man Without A Face, 1993, expiring 4/16
- Amelie, 2001, expiring 4/21

And sadly, one of my all-time favorite documentaries is expiring from Watch It Now -- be sure to catch Paper Clips before it expires on 4/22. A life-changing and inspirational film!!

Paper ClipsNow for the excitement! Here are the new classic films soon to be available through Netflix's Watch Instantly feature:

- Sadie Thompson with Gloria Swanson, 1928, available on 4/22
- The Manxman, Hitchcock's last silent film, 1929, available on 4/22
- Queen Kelly with Gloria Swanson, 1929, available on 4/22
- A Farewell to Arms with Gary Cooper, 1932, available on 4/22
- Two Way Stretch with Peter Sellers, 1960, available on 4/22
- Woman Times Seven with Shirley MacLaine, 1967, available on 4/22
- Madonna: Truth or Dare, 1991, available on 5/1
- Reality Bites, 1994, available on 5/1
- The English Patient, 1996, available on 5/1

You can join Netflix for only $7.99/ month and access ALL of the thousands of films that are available to watch online instantly! I have been a member since 2003 and utilized the Watch Instantly feature since it became available in 2006. It is a great service and more and more movies are added daily. It is my goal to keep you updated when new classic and high-style films become available so you don't miss them. To join Netflix, click here.

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