Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor in Giant (1956) (Take 2)

This post is another fabulous outfit from Giant. For my review of the film, please see this previous post. This whole week, I will be posting outfits from Elizabeth Taylor as a tribute to the late actress. She is incredibly beautiful in this movie and her character ages a good deal as the film progresses. This outfit is one she wears in the beginning of the film when she is trying to get the attention of Rock Hudson.

The combination of the blue and white with the touch of coral from the cameo is fresh and captivating. I knew at first sight that I would have to find a way to re-create this outfit and capture that feeling.

Here is my interpretation: (Click on the image for a more detailed look.)

Dress: Crystalline Sky Dress, $179.99, via Modcloth

Sash: Silky Feel Hair Tie Waist Band Sash in Fancy Gift Box with Free Shipping, $5.99 via Amazon seller boxed-gifts

Necklace: Peach Lady Cameo Locket, $8, via Etsy seller ThistleandRose, Atlanta, GA

Shoes: Miss Me Women’s Notch-1 Pump, on sale for $34.95 via

Total: $228.93

Not sure what it is, but I have a horrible time with budget when I take on Elizabeth Taylor's looks! I always find myself revising the outfit several times trying to stay as close to $200 as possible. This dress from Modcloth ended up being irresistible for this look, even though it was $179.99. It has the right necklace and capped sleeves and the right line on the full skirt. In order to compensate for that I went as inexpensive as possible with the other items.

These shoes were cute and simple. Also since the dress doesn't have as many white details as Taylor's does, these shoes add a bit of the white back into the look. Same idea with the sash, which is under $6.

I love this cameo! is a great place to find one-of-a-kind jewelry for a great price. I love it when what I am trying to accomplish with an outfit enables me to use Etsy as a resource. This cameo has a vintage feel but the coral is still bright and lovely. And it is only $8!

This look is wonderfully ladylike and elegant. This would be a great summertime look to wear on the weekend or on a trip. You could easily make it a bit more comfortable by changing the heels out for flats. This just makes me think of having a glass of iced tea at a sidewalk cafe in a seaside town. Delicious!

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