Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tinkerbell in Peter Pan (1953)

We have been collecting Disney movies and animated films in general for my 10 month old daughter and the other day we hit the jackpot. Seriously, we bought about 60 movies at $1.00 each at an antique store in town. So, lately I have been watching a lot of animated classics that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Among these was Peter Pan. I don’t think I fully appreciated this film when I was young. The connection of the father (who wants Wendy to grow up) resembling Captain Hook and the metaphoric implications of Hook being afraid of the tick-tick-tick of the clock inside the crocodile is revelatory. There is so much literary merit in this story and in this film.

And seriously, who doesn’t love Tinkerbell? She is so tiny and sassy and vain. I absolutely love the scene where she is measuring her little hips and is worried over the width of them and then gets stuck in the dresser drawer because she can’t get her little curvaceous self through the keyhole. It is well-known that she was modeled after Marilyn Monroe, which is simply a stroke of genius!

This project was very similar to the Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz projects. I set out with the same goals, but Tink turned out to be several degrees more glamorous.

Here is my interpretation:
Necklace: Aqua Multi Beaded Torsade Necklace, 24 inches long, $55 via Bloomingdales
Dress: Windsor, Green Dress with sweetheart neckline and pleated bust, $54.90
Shoes: Martinez Valero Brit Pump in Ivory, $59.95 via DSW
Tights: Pink Stiletto, Shimmer Exercise Tights in Nude, $6.90
Total: $176.75

The dress had to show off some curves and have some draping detail in itself. This one is lovely and mimics Tinkerbell’s neckline pretty well. The color is also the right shade of green. The shoes were the other important element. They needed to have something poufy on the toes of them, but since this dress was semi-formal they would need a heel. I was lucky to find these really elegant heels from Martinez Valero. They have a really poufy feather thing right on the top, which copies Tinkerbell’s shoes but otherwise it is a very sophisticated strappy sandal. It would have been easy to find something that looked trashy and more like a sexy boudoir slipper for this but I feel these hit the right note.

A dress and some shoes seem pretty boring all alone, so I improvised. I wanted to add some serious sparkle to this ensemble, some pixie dust, if you will. I started with jewelry, always the right place to start for sparkle. I wanted something that seemed gauzy and sheer and shimmery. This necklace from Bloomingdale’s is not too expensive but has many strands and little pops of sparkle.

Then I decided to go for some hosiery to add more sparkle. Dance tights usually have some shimmer and are great for support and circulation. So, if you were to wear this dress out on the town, these tights would serve a functional purpose too. This pair is shimmery and sparkly for only about $7.

Altogether, I think this is a glamorous looking for going out. It evokes Tinkerbell and takes style notes from her but it doesn’t scream Disney character or look like a Halloween costume. Mission Accomplished.

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