Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Norma Shearer in The Women (1939)

Norma Shearer plays Mary Haines, the heroine of the cat-fight classic, The Women. She is the one woman in the film who seems to actually love and feels true loss. Norma Shearer (who I have never seen in a movie before) is a seriously great actress. You feel a tremendous amount of empathy for her even before you see how truly evil the other women are.

Norma’s character goes to Reno to get “reno-vated” (read: divorced) and she seems to get into the Western aesthetic with her attire by wearing this cute plaid/checkered shirt and skirt combination.

Here is my interpretation:

Shirt: J. Crew, Giant Gingham Shirt in Vintage Navy, on sale for $49.99
Skirt: Kohl’s Sonoma life + style A-Line Skirt in Mesa Red, on sale for $11.99
Belt: Rugby, Braided Rope Belt in French Navy, $59.50
Shoes: Annie Shoes Women's Darby Slingback in Navy/White, $44.90 via
Total: $166.38

I started with the shirt and I love this one from J. Crew. There are a lot of shirts this style out there now that have a Western cut to them and I think that plus the gingham is going a bit overboard: one trend at a time. I like this one because it is a classic style with a country/western print. The skirt I found is an almost terra cotta red color which I think would be very appropriate in Reno and it has a subtle circle skirt shape to it which would give it some movement similar to Norma’s. The price was great too – only $12!

I saved so much on the skirt that I spent a bit more on the belt. I love the rope feel for this belt. This would usually signal a nautical feel for me but in this context it says horses and rodeos.

You cannot see the shoes well in the snapshots I got, but they are a two-toned pump. I found this white and navy slingback pair and they go great with this. I’ll admit I was skeptical to put a dressier shoe with this casual somewhat country cowgirl outfit. But, amazingly it works quite well. Again, the preppy look of the shoe tones down the cowgirl bit and keeps it from going off the rails.

Altogether this look was quite inexpensive and very cute. This would definitely set you apart from everyone at a barbecue or party. But, since this is a nice skirt and skirt with a dressy shoe, you could swing this on a casual Friday at work too.

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