Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Katharine Hepburn in Adam’s Rib (1949)

This is my favorite Hepburn-Tracy movie! I think they are at their most comical in this movie. I even did a monologue of Kate’s “closing argument” from the court case for an acting class I took in high school. Also, the other woman in the case Beryl is played by Jean Hagan who would later play Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain.

And Kate looks just fab in every scene! She takes 1940s professional attire and makes it all her own in this flick. My favorite outfit of hers in Adam’s Rib is a white jacket with a black turtleneck and a ribbon brooch. I like this because it seems to be a deliberate inversion of a men’s suit, which is usually a white shirt and a dark jacket. The ribbon brooch seems to be an ironic take on a tie.
Here is my interpretation:

Dress: Max Studio Turtleneck Dress in Black on sale for $68
Blazer: C & C California Luxe Fleece Cropped Blazer, on sale for $69.90
Brooch:, Ribbon Stone Brooch, $30
Shoes: Target, Women's Mossimo Velisha Point Toe Pumps in Black, $29.99
Total: $197.89

I did not see the point in doing more pieces for this than necessary, so I looked for a black turtleneck dress rather than a turtleneck and skirt combination. This one from Max Studio is cute but still plain enough to be taken seriously. A dress like this seems like it would be much more comfortable too.

Then the blazer: Ironically the blazer I found with the strongest shoulders (a la Kate Hepburn) was this fleece blazer. It doesn’t even look like it is made from fleece. That would make this business attire look very comfortable, indeed.

Then I needed a ribbon brooch of some kind. I found this one on TopShop which looks very luxurious with the stones inlaid, but you could very easily find one on Etsy to buy or make one yourself. This one looks very much like hers when you layered everything together.

Then I needed some cheap pumps to keep everything under $200. I found these edgy ones from Target. The pointed toe looks very polished for only $30.

This is a great wear-to-work look. It is comfortable and polished looking without costing a fortune. What a great alternative to a suit! For me this was instructive because I always have trouble with brooches. I never know what to do with them. To wear one like this, front and center, in place of tie, definitely dresses up a turtleneck and gives this outfit some extra professional punch.

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