Friday, June 11, 2010

Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria (1982)

Victor/Victoria is another musical that I came late to – I didn’t see it until 2009. I also did not realize how late this film was made. Everything about the style of it seems like it was made in the late 1960s, but it is from the early 1980s. The setting of the film is 1930s Paris. The content of the film is far ahead of its time, as it deals with issues of homosexuality, cross dressing, etc.

Julie Andrews is always “practically perfect in every way.” Isn’t she? She manages to take this very cheeky, very controversial role and make it feel wholesome and funny. James Garner makes an appearance in this film to, as her stuffy love interest and he is great in it.

I decided to tackle her tuxedo outfit from this film for a variety of reasons. This would be a challenge in many ways. 1) I wanted to do a formal attire outfit for a reasonable budget. 2) I wanted to make formal menswear accessible and feminine. And 3) I wanted to see if I could capture a vintage feel in something as iconic as a men’s tuxedo.

Here is what I came up with:

Run-Down:Jacket: Spiegel, Silk Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, on sale for $59
Pants: Spiegel Silk Velvet Tuxedo Pants on sale for $49
Shirt: Newport News, Tuxedo Style Shirt, $19 on sale
Tie: JCrew, Men’s Solid Satin Bow Tie in White, $52
Brooch: Silk Flower Pin 3 inches by 3 inches in American Beauty
Shoes: Sudini Women’s Katen Oxford on sale for $65.97 via
Total: $260.47

Here is the Polyvore to show it all put together:

The tuxedo itself is from Spiegel. I love that the pieces are both on sale and that they are velvet with some feminine details: getting these two pieces putting me well on my way to accomplishing my goals with this experiment. The tuxedo shirt goes well with this look and the ruffles give it more detailing and a retro feel to it. The shoes are a formal looking oxford pump which was on sale but look very expensive. They feel very vintage.

Then I needed a couple of little details to finish things off. I could not find a women’s bow tie anywhere. I didn’t want to get one of the cheap looking ones that are clip-on on something. I found this uber-luxurious satin one from J. Crew for men. It is pricy but I think it is worth it for a special occasion. Otherwise, you end up looking like a caricature instead of confident and formal. Lastly, I used the red rose pin from again. (This little brooch is getting a lot of play on HFV. I used it in a Gene Kelly post and a Nanette Fabray post.)

The final total came in at only $260.47. This would work for museum opening or other social reception/occasion. Or you could wear this to a fancy Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. I feel like you could not help but attract attention when wearing this outfit. I think it is feminine enough for most women to wear comfortably but the men’s tie gives it that extra flare to make it different.

What do you think? Did I accomplish my three goals?

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