Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Audrey Tautou in Amelie (2001)

Among people I know, if they own only one foreign film, it is either Triplet’s of Belleville or Amelie. (Among my friends, you’ll usually find both on their shelves.) Amelie is a really a feel-good fairy tale of an awkward young girl who lives a bit in her own dream world. I have always wondered how people can know what is going on in opera but I can watch Amelie without subtitles on and know exactly what is happening (even though my college French is not-so-good.)

Audrey Tautou is so cute and so lovely. She is Audrey Hepburn’s true inheritor. My husband’s theory is that she dresses ugly in Amelie to try and hide the fact that she is so pretty. I think that she wears the clothes she wears in this film because the character Amelie is completely unaware that she is attractive at all. And somehow, Audrey Tautou manages to make Doc martens with folded black socks adorable. For me Amelie is a classic film and Audrey Tautou a classic film star, despite the official date stamp on the movie.

Here is my interpretation:

Sweater: J. Jill Cable Front Cardigan in Maroon, $49.99
Shirt: Land’s End Canvas, Women’s V-Neck Henley Tee in Kelly Green, $19.50
Skirt: Old Navy, Crochet Trim Swing Skirt in Black Jack, $22.50
Shoes: Dr. Marten’s Mary Janes in Black Patent, $59.99 via
Socks: Bare Necessities, K Bell Women’s Roll Top Casual Black Socks, $5
Total: $156.98
I had to find shoes that I was comfortable with first. I was actually at a thrift store with a friend who was buying Doc Marten’s the other day and I said, “My husband tried to get me to buy those but I am just not a Doc Marten kind of girl.” And I am not; I am far too frilly and feminine for this kind of shoe. However, once I started looking I found that they sell a Doc Marten in a Mary Jane style and it comes in black patent leather. Now we were getting somewhere. This version I selected is a good price and I feel like it would be a wardrobe stretch but not too far out of my comfort zone. I found a simple pair of black socks to go with them.

I like the price and bohemian, Montmartre look of this skirt from Old Navy. This ribbed Henley tee in Kelly Green is almost exactly what Audrey wears in the film. Hers has little ruffles on the ends of the sleeves, but this is close enough.

Off and on throughout the film, Amelie wears a long maroon sweater. This is her comfort sweater and I totally understand this as I have several around my house. This is a sweater that you wear whether it goes with what you are wearing or not. The point is the Linus-with-his-blanket quality of comfort and wrapping into yourself. This maroon one from J. Jill could easily be a comfort sweater for me. I think it looks nice with the Kelly green but I realize many people would find this a slightly jarring color combination. If so, the same sweater comes in a lovely rainy day kind of gray that would look nice with this outfit.

This would be a fun, simple weekend look for going to the movies or running errands or sitting around with friends at the coffee shop. Once I get a chance, I will see if I can acquire a pair of Docs and I will report back whether I can actually wear them without being totally self-conscious.

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