Friday, June 11, 2010

Audrey Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon (1957)

I have seen nearly all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies and I have to say that I never really paid much attention to this one. Gary Cooper seems very dull to me and this movie’s title gave it a billing as something overly sentimental and boring.

But, the hubby picked up a video of this at a thrift store the other day so I decided to give it another chance. I am so pleased that I did.

Audrey Hepburn plays an ingénue whose father (played by the incomparable Maurice Chevalier) is a private detective specializing in adultery cases. She reads all of his files and ends up (through a variety of high-jinxes) falling in love with the worst playboy of them all. She pretends in her romance with him that she also has had many lovers, which begins to bother Gary Cooper’s character as he does actually care for her.

So anyhow, the whole thing is quite Shakespearean in the way she never tells him her name and all of the mistaken identity stuff that goes on. Altogether it is not your typically romantic comedy and it is well worth watching.

And – the fashion is fantastic!! Audrey wears the most lovely dresses and cute little ensembles throughout. She even looks fabulous when she is washing her hair!

I choose to combine two outfits from the film into one. The most famous outfit is her rose patterned dress pictured above. But in the final scene she wears a fabulous wool coat which I could not find a photo of. It is cream and has big buttons and a rounded collar.

Here is my interpretation:

Dress: ModCloth, Stop, Drop and Rose Dress, $49.99
Coat: Tulle Vintage Wool Coat in Tomato, $69 final sale via Urban Minx
Shoes: BC Footwear, Women’s Acrobat Flat in Off White, $49.95 via
Gloves:, Nude Lace Gloves, $6.76
Tights:, Rose Lace Tights in Cream, $24
Total: $199.70

Here it is layered up via Polyvore:

I started with the dress. This one from ModCloth is a different cut but the pattern has the same romantic feel that Audrey’s does. Then I wanted to tackle the coat. I was very worried about budget as coats can get expensive. I found a few cream-colored coats but none had the right cut or feel to them. Then I stumbled upon this tomato red one from Tulle. The collar and cut felt right and the price was great. It also just so happened to match the dress I found.

Two more details that I took directly from the film were the gloves and the shoes. Audrey wears cream colored gloves with her rose dress. I found these fabulous nude lace gloves for a great price. Then I wanted a pointed-toe flat in a cream color. This one is simple and stylish. It just looks like something Audrey would wear.

After this, I had a logistical problem. Who would wear a strappy dress with a wool coat? What season am I designing this outfit for? I concluded that this would be a great outfit for early, early spring. All you would need to do is get the legs covered to make it make sense for late February or early March.

So, I went looking for a pair of tights. The only color that made sense was cream, but that seemed potentially unflattering and boring with cream shoes. So, I decided to go with the lace theme from the gloves and hit the jackpot. Cream colored lace tights with a rose print in them! Fabulous. Perfect.

I love this outfit. I think without the tights it is cute but with them it is wonderful and romantic. I think this is one of my favorites thus far. I would wear this pretty much anywhere. Throw on a simple cardigan in the same tomato color and it is office appropriate too. I was pleased as punch with the budget too, just under $200.

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