Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nanette Fabray in The Bandwagon (1953)

Nanette Fabray was a major star on Broadway. Sadly, The Bandwagon was her only M.G.M. musical. Although anyone would be upstaged sharing the screen with Cyd Charisse, Nanette has a simple elegance in the film and looks fantastic. (She is also a tremendous talent and hilarious!) This is the look she wore during the famous “That’s Entertainment!” number that would become a show business anthem. It seemed very fresh and modern when I was watching the film.

Here is my interpretation: Click on the flickr feedback for a larger version!

Blouse: Gap, Pintucked Ruffle Top $19.99 on sale
Skirt: Land’s End Canvas, Women’s Pattern Cotton Lawn Skirt, Gull Gray Circles, $59.50
Shoes: Aerosoles, Fax of Life in Silver Leather, $59.99
Belt: Forever21, Embossed Bow Belt in Silver, $3.80
Flower: Artemisinc.com/Roses, Silk Flower Pin 3 inches by 3 inches in American Beauty, $15.50
Total: $158.78

I didn’t really intend on doing this costume from The Bandwagon. I thought that finding something approximating this skirt would be impossible. But, while I was looking for something else, this fantastic skirt popped up. It is from Land’s End Canvas – a new line whose slogan is “Authentic Inspiration, Modern Interpretation”. Which seems to describe this skirt perfectly; the shape of it was just right and the graphic print (while it is circles instead of squares) fits the bill nicely. I realize that this is much shorter than Nanette would have worn, but alas this is what is available and I think it is a lovely modern alternative.

I love the shirt I found from Gap. It had just the right amount of interest in the middle with ruffles and pin-tucks instead of the fancy buttons that Nanette sports. It also had just a bit of fabric over the shoulder area which creates a retro silhouette. I just love it.

Instead of pumps, which today are seen as being quite formal, I opted for a sandal. Aerosoles are my favorite sandals because they are super-comfortable. I matched the silver and grey with the belt.

To finish things off, you had to have the flower. After much searching, I found a very cool website http://www.artemisinc.com/Roses.html. They have three varieties of Rose pins in literally hundreds of colors! I choose the smallest variety in American Beauty red. That pretty much rounds out this outfit, which is my cheapest thus far ($158.78)!!

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  1. Just saw Nanette Fabray in Bandwagon this evening and was taken by the skirt! It is awesome! I was wondering if there were a pattern out there somewhere for a patchwork to make the skirt. Love it.



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