Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Turn: American in Paris Style

I needed only one item to recreate Leslie Caron’s outfit from An American in Paris – the black and white scarf. I ordered the one from my original blog post but while it was on the way, I picked up a small black and white sort of cheetah-print at a thrift shop. Turns out the polka-dotted one I ordered is oblong and just not the right shape for this look. The $1 thrifted one was just right though!
Here is the run-down of what is in this outfit:

Cardigan: Old Navy, Green Cardigan, Gift from Mom, $26.50
Skirt: Gap Outlet, Purchased almost 10 years ago, About $20
Belt: Belk, Donna Morgan, purchased concurrent with dress several years ago, $0
Shoes: Nine West, Nuncio in Black Suede, on sale for $35 (also a few years ago)
Scarf: Vintage from thrift store, $1

Out of Pocket: $1
Total Cost: $82.50

Overall, I really liked how this outfit turned out. I would definitely wear something like this to work. I think my black Gap skirt has seen better days, because in the photo it actually looks somewhat brown. It might be time to invest in a new one.

I love that this styling makes my legs look long and the shoes show off my ankles and make them look shapely. But, the tucked in cardigan makes a buxom girl look more buxom. I am less Leslie Caron and more sweater girl in this outfit.

Altogether, I liked this outfit enough to put it up on the blog as my first attempt at actual Hollywood outfit re-creation and to do so during Academichic’s Dress Your Best Week. Here is my list again:

1) Cleavage
2) Waist
3) Ankles
4) Face
5) Broad Shoulders

(Hollywood Fashion Vault is participating in Academichic's Dress Your Best Week. The Chics asked their readers to choose 5 body parts that they love and dress around them for one week, making at least one blog on this challenge.)

This outfit I think maximizes my bust (even though it doesn’t show any cleavage), shows off my ankles (which have finally returned to normal size post-pregnancy), minimizes my waist and draws the attention up to my face with the scarf. Four out of five isn’t bad for a first try.

What do you think of the outfit and the budget?

And before I go, one shameless shot of the petite bebe and the same green cardigan worn in a totally different way

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