Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jennifer Jones in Beat the Devil (1953)

As stated in my Gina Lollobrigida post, Beat the Devil is a strange movie. And the strangest character to my mind is played by Jennifer Jones. This character, Gwendolyn Chelm, seems to me to be a pathological liar who might well believe the drivel she spouts. Bogart’s character says that she uses “her imagination rather than her memory.” To say the least! As a piece of movie trivia, the screenplay was written by Truman Capote and it has some memorable lines.

Jennifer Jones wears simple, preppy clothes in this film, in contrast to the sexy, uber-feminine attire of Gina Lollobrigida. My outfit based on her character is a combination of two of her costumes.

Outfit #1 Outfit #2

Here is my interpretation:

Shirt: American Apparel, Unisex Striped Short Sleeved Button- Up Shirt in White/Royal Blue Vertical Stripe, $52
Skirt: The Bethany Skirt in Distressed Blue from Etsy seller megannielsenstore, $60
Scarf: Vintage Scarf Geometric Squares Colorful Navy and Red via Ebay Buy It Now for $2.99 Shoes: Nine West, Women’s Topaza Peep-Toe Espadrilles in Red/Natural via, $31.98
Total: $146.97

I took the double-pocket skirt and scarf to be wrapped around the head from outfit #1 and the bold striped oxford shirt from outfit #2. Outfit #1 had some things that I definitely liked about it but it was far too close to the Cyd Charisse outfit I did from The Bandwagon. It is white-on-white and even has a basket purse. But, I took the double-pocket skirt from this outfit though and the scarf around the head, which I love and put those elements with the striped shirt that she wears later to mix it up.

I think the blue skirt and blue stripe in the preppy shirt work well together. I then picked a bold vintage print for the scarf. There are lots of great buy-it-now vintage scarf finds on Ebay. I even saw mixed vintage lots of 40+ scarves for $16, buy-it-now!

I improvised on the shoe. You don’t really see her shoes with either outfit. I picked a red espadrille. I went with red because this outfit has a lot of blue already and the espadrilles seemed to fit with the seaside theme of this film. The red and blue together seem to evoke a nautical feel.

Altogether, this is a fun casual outfit that could be worn shopping or running errands. I got great deals on the scarf and the shoes and the other items are very affordable. The pockets make this look very practical, especially if you are going somewhere where it is not possible to carry a bag.

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