Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cyd Charisse in The Bandwagon (Take 2) (1953)

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to do one more outfit from The Bandwagon! What I love about this outfit is the simplicity. It is four basic pieces – a turtleneck, trousers, a scarf as a belt and ballet flats. But it looks so put together and comfortable. You could wear this anywhere.
As a point of movie trivia, Cyd Charisse wears flats during most of The Bandwagon because Fred Astaire was self-conscious about her being too tall for him. Furthermore, they worked this into the storyline and it actually becomes a gag in the film.

Here is my interpretation:
Turtleneck: J. Jill, Ruched Turtleneck in Purple, on sale for $14.99
Pants: Shape fx, Hip Balancing Suit Trouser in Gray, on sale for $19
Scarf (to be worn as belt):, Madewell Blue/Purple Shattered Glass Print Scarf, $52 Shoes: Romantic Soles Geneva via Zappos in Blue Satin, $65
Total: $150.99

The colors are the other thing I love about this outfit; I would never think to pair purple and blue, thinking they would be too close together and clash. Cyd has shown me how an analogous color scheme like this can really work. The grey tones it all down so much better than black and the scarf brings it all together. Originally I had put grey flats with this, but when I consulted the film again I saw the blue shoes. I changed it and it makes all the difference. It makes the outfit something special!

This outfit is also very affordable. The two central pieces (shirt and pants) total only $33.99! I spent a bit more to get the right scarf and shoes because the keep the outfit from being boring. But still, it comes in at a little over $150. For such a versatile ensemble, that’s great. Incidentally, the pants come in regular, petite, tall, and women’s sizes. This short girl loves that.

You could take this concept and go many different directions with it. You could go red and orange or green and blue. You could do a floral or plaid shoe and a solid scarf. How would you use this template and mix things up?

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