Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crinoline Slip: Review

In one of my early posts on Cyd Charisse, I ruminated on whether full skirts are actually still wearable today. Furthermore, I wondered whether it was possible to achieve that 1950s affect with modern skirts. The only suggestion I had was to put a crinoline slip under it to give it a little lift and bounce.

This suggestion came from an experience I had as maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding last summer. The sales girl suggested a full crinoline slip to wear under the dress. This sounded very fussy to me and I thought it probably wouldn’t make any difference, but when I tried it on, it made a huge difference. I think it took this dress to another level of awesome and it gave it a huge push towards antebellum Southern belle that I don’t think it would have quite had otherwise.

So, I searched around to find a short crinoline slip. I found this one on ebay and ordered it. It is only $9.99.

When it arrived I tried it out with a few different skirts and dresses and I like the effect. I think you notice how much room and bounce it gives you more once you take it off. I took before and after photos below. I think it gives me about 3-4 more inches in skirt width.

It does make you feel a bit more formal and glamorous to have such a wide skirt, but it is a bit fussy and stuffy an uncomfortable in the heat. I like this a lot and think it is a useful thing to have but I wouldn’t wear it on a routine basis, only for something special. But for only $9.99, this is a superior find for the vintage/retro inspired wardrobe!

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