Sunday, May 9, 2010

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (Take 2) (1954)

Here’s another look from the fashion classic, Sabrina, with Audrey Hepburn. This is her date-night dress when she goes out on the town with Humphrey Bogart. She wears this simple and modestly sexy little black dress with ballet flats, gloves and a funny little hat.

Here is my interpretation:
Dress:, Audrey Mini Dress in Black Cotton Stretch, $124
Shoes: Anne Klein Grander in Black/Silver via Zappos, $78.95
Gloves:, Satin Stretch Cocktail Length Black Gloves, $9.95
Headband:, Headband Black, HB8019HB, $87
Belt: Calvin Klein, Stretch Wide Belt via Lord & Taylor, $36
Total: $335.90

This is my most expensive look so far. You could easily pick some cheaper black flats and forego the black headband/hat thing and make it much more affordable. My reasoning was that this look would be for a special occasion and thus warrant spending a bit more.

I love this mini-dress from Trashy Diva. It is actually called the Audrey dress for a reason. I have no idea how it actually fits but I love window-shopping this website. They have lots of great retro/vintage looks. I couldn’t wait for a reason to use something from Trashy Diva. This dress is also available in red!

The headband was the other unique item for this. I had no idea how to find a hat like Audrey’s. I happened upon Louis Green, a milliner who does vintage inspired looks. I couldn’t find a hat that did what I wanted it to do, but I think this headband has the unique spiky quality that her hat does. It is also cheaper than an actual chapeau.

It’s tough with Audrey, who has become such an icon, to keep an Audrey-inspired look from coming off like a Halloween costume. What do you think? Did I recreate it in a wearable way and not in a costumey, cheap knock-off way?

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